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The hospital where our surgical team performs the procedures is located at the border of Eagle Pass Texas / Piedras Negras Mexico, less than 1 mile from the border. This hospital is considered the best in the region. The equipment in the operating room is completely new and state-of-the-art technology is a common practice for our team. Our experience and equipment far exceed the standards used in Mexico. The operating room is equipped with an emergency power plant in case of an emergency that guarantees the continuous electrical supply, in case of an unusual blackout. The hospital has a wide variety of diagnostic equipment that can be found in large hospitals in the states, such as magnetic resonance imaging, helical computed tomography, Doppler ultrasound, etc. This hospital would qualify as a level II trauma center.

The experience of our staff and the sophistication of our teams exceed the standards used in Mexico and are comparable to those of the United States. The hospital has a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment found in major hospitals in the United States, including an intensive care unit, MRI, Helicoidal CT, Doppler ultrasound, etc. This hospital would qualify as a Level II Traumatology center in the United States.

The hospital is made up of private rooms for patients and a companion. We have free WiFi, Cable TV (with English channels) and a place for your companion to sleep in the same room as the patient. The nursing staff is very professional and well trained. In addition, Dr. Rosales and two English-speaking nurses will be there to monitor your progress throughout your stay.

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All ground transportation is provided to you, at no extra cost, in a recent model vans and minivans that have all the necessary equipment for your comfort. They are equipped with front and rear independent air conditioning systems, leather seats, rear captain seats that totally recline and air bags.


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